Investing in Pre-IPO


  • Participate in modified “mini-IPOs” for growing companies
  • Invest on the same terms as leading venture capitalists
  • Position yourself to profit from a potential liquidity event on the horizon


  • Raise up to $50 million from accredited and non-accredited investors every 12 months
  • Raise capital faster, and less expensively than a traditional registered IPO
  • Publicly advertise your offering to investors anywhere

Equifund Ventures gives seasoned and first-time investors access to pre-IPO opportunities — at the same price as Wall Street insiders and venture capitalists.

For most Americans, obtaining equity ownership in private companies before they ring the IPO bell isn’t a reality. Unless you hang around in the right social circles or your broker has an inside line on Wall Street, pre-IPO opportunities are nearly impossible to access.

That’s all changed.

Through Equifund Ventures, investors can discover established, pre-IPO companies looking for new investors to be part of their legacy. They can access companies’ business plans, financials, offering documents, and other key information to make an informed investment decision. Plus, they can personally ask management questions about their product, service and company. When they’re ready to invest, they can start the process at the click of a button and complete within just a few minutes.

Equifund Ventures conducts the same standards of due diligence as major banks, venture capital forms, and other financial institutions, and only lists vetted companies that have a path to giving investors a return on their investment.

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