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  • Participate in the online offering of private company securities – regardless of net worth or income
  • Inject seed capital into top-rated, expertly-vetted startups at the earliest financing stages – before growth accelerates
  • Invest across a wide range of sectors and industries


  • Raise up to $1,070,000 from accredited and non-accredited investors every 12 months
  • Bring your business ideas to market faster, and build momentum to attract further investment down the road
  • Gain significant exposure to a wide audience of investors with our industry-leading platform

Equifund CFP gives any investor access to promising startups and early-stage opportunities.

Dozens of U.S. cities are hotbeds for startups and early-stage companies. But unless you live there, or know someone “on the inside,” accessing these opportunities is next to impossible.

Through Equifund CFP, seasoned and first-time investors alike can invest in promising companies from across the nation during their earliest financing rounds — when it has the greatest potential for future growth.

Our platform makes investing in early-stage companies easy. Investors can access companies’ business plans, financials, offering documents, and other key information to make an informed investment decision. They can personally ask management questions about their product, service and company. And when they’re ready to invest, they can start the process at the click of a button, completing their investment in just a few minutes.

Equifund CFP also conducts the same standards of due diligence as major banks, venture capital firms, and other financial institutions. We only list vetted companies that are poised for success.

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