Real Estate Investing


  • Optimize your portfolio with highly-curated and exclusive real estate assets including multi-family residential, single family homes, retail, office, and industrial properties
  • Invest in debt, equity, and preferred equity financings across various geographic locations – all with a tangible asset underpinning the investment
  • Earn passive income by collecting monthly or quarterly cash flow distributions


  • Finance your projects in a fraction of the time that it takes with traditional funding channels – with fewer regulatory hurdles
  • Gain significant exposure to a large and sophisticated investor base, eager to participate in the booming crowdfunded real estate industry
  • Spend less time worrying about raising capital and more time focusing on your project with our flexible financing solutions

Equifund Realty breaks down traditional barriers to investing in real estate

Through Equifund Realty, seasoned and first-time investors alike can discover a wide variety of real estate projects across US — from hotels to apartment complexes to office buildings and more. They can access companies’ business plan, financials, operating agreements, and other key information to make an informed investment decision. Plus, they can personally ask management questions about their development plans. When they’re ready to invest, they can begin with a modest amount starting at $1000 — as opposed to tens of thousands of dollars like other platforms — and complete the process in just a few minutes.

Equifund Realty also conducts the same standards of due diligence as major banks, venture capital forms, and other financial institutions, and only lists real estate projects that have a path to giving investors safe, predictable returns on their investment.

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