Like any form of success, raising capital doesn’t happen overnight. 

Capital raises require hard work. And even if your company gets the green light to list on an investment platform — especially one with strict standards such as Equifund — you need to be more than just a cheerleader.

Beyond telling the world what problem you’re solving and how you plan to grow, you need to create a compelling brand story, pitch deck, corporate video, and other materials that investors will look for. 

So what exactly do you need to create and what approach should you use? Below, we share some essential keys to raising capital:

Assign a campaign manager: A campaign manager is essential to providing the investment platform with all the important information they need for a successful offering. They’re also responsible for making sure investors have a point of contact who can speak to any questions about the company. When considering who  should be the campaign manager, you should factor who knows the business inside out and can best represent the brand.

Build your brand story: A brand story is essential to explaining why you built your company and the value it brings. According to research, 63% of global consumers prefer to purchase products or services from companies that stand for a purpose which reflects their own values and beliefs. When creating your brand story, you should cover the moments that led to discovering the need and impact of your company.

Perfect your pitch deck: A pitch deck is essential to summarizing why investors should invest in your company and the opportunity it brings. It should include your brand story, business model, competitive analysis, marketing plans, management bios, and financial projections. When creating your pitch deck, you should follow the “10/20/30 rule” of PowerPoint: have 10 slides, present for no more than 20 minutes, and use a font that is no smaller than 30 points.

Create a corporate video: A corporate video is essential to threading together why you built your company and why investors should invest in your company. It should feature your  company’s management, product or service and customer testimonials. When creating your corporate video, you should factor which scenes will better connect with viewers and keep it to less than four minutes.

List your company milestones: Company milestones are essential to highlighting the momentum of your company. It could be expanding your product or service or bringing on new board members and investors. When creating your company milestones, you should factor which ones better highlight consumer and investor interest and list no more than 10.

Update your management bios: Management bios are essential to highlighting your team has the right skill set to grow the company. They should include previous experiences that are relevant to their current role and contributions that led to growing other companies. When creating management bios, you should factor which information better highlights their qualifications and keep it under one paragraph.

While these are only some of the essential keys to raising capital, they lay the foundation of your company’s purpose, vision and mission and will help your company succeed in any raise. Whether it’s a seed-stage round, early-stage round or late-stage round, Equifund’s team of experts can fast-track the process of creating these materials using the right approach.

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