Brad is a computer scientist, software engineer and the founder and CEO of BudTrader, a marketing and communications platform for the cannabis industry and community. Prior to creating BudTrader, he led a software and mobile app firm that has successfully launched over 100 software programs, apps, and enterprise applications.

Why did you create BudTrader?

I was trying to find vendors to grow my own cannabis and discovered they were difficult to find. Turns out anything cannabis related was being deleted and banned from most social hubs. So out of a personal need, I created BudTrader. The idea was, create a place to post, review, connect, and explore everything weed. As the platform grew, we started getting inquiries from other states — so we added them. From there, our users started asking for more categories within those states. I never dictated what BudTrader would be, I just gave our users what they wanted. For example, they wanted to be able to play video games on BudTrader. So we created BudTrader Arcade where they can play over 54,000 free games. After the farm bill passed we got a bunch of requests for a hemp section. And most recently, our users wanted a section solely dedicated to CBD. So now we’ve added both of those.

What problem is BudTrader solving?

Before BudTrader, there wasn’t a single place where people could find cannabis suppliers, services, events, partners, or employees. Everything was centered around finding dispensaries. Companies had zero marketing outlets. When we launched BudTrader Canada, we got 35,000 users in three days because people needed a place to connect and get organized. That’s what makes BudTrader important and why it will continue to grow. What we’ve provided in the US and Canada, we’ll continue to do across the globe.

What impact has BudTrader created on the cannabis industry?

The impact that BudTrader has created on the cannabis industry is significant. I’ve met people at industry events and trade shows where people come up to me and say they met their business partner on BudTrader. They found a job on BudTrader. They met their spouse on BudTrader. They made millions of dollars on BudTrader. There are around 200,000 small business owners that use BudTrader everyday and we’ve become an integral part of them starting and succeeding in the industry.

How does BudTrader differ from its competitors?

BudTrader offers so much more. You can create a personal profile, connect with cannabis communities, access original content and play free video games. It’s morphed into a social networking and advertising platform where users don’t have to worry about being suspended or banned from posting about cannabis. This allowed us to monetize solely through advertising and extend our business model to include licensing premium subscription content. With twice as many registered users as our competitors — WeedMaps, Leafly and MassRoots — and ad pricing 90% less than them, we have a huge advantage.

Why is BudTrader considered the next big thing?

No one is doing what we are doing. Our tech backgrounds put us at another huge advantage to continue to grow in the legal cannabis industry and to partner with individuals and companies who share our vision. With over 30,000,000 million total impressions monthly, our expanding multi-media presence, and our mainstream events attracting high-profile individuals, we are poised for exponential growth and success.

Why is BudTrader considered an investable company?

We’re an emerging technology company in every sense of the word. Craigslist which was founded back in 1995, now has about 50 employees and generates nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. We’ve only been around for a few years, have seven employees and have already generated over $2 million in revenue. We really want to grow our team to continue to build a monetizable product and to give back to the community. So if you want to invest in a company that is solid from a business and ethics standpoint, then I think we’re the right investment for you.

To learn more about BudTrader, check out their investment offering page.