Investing: Past, Present, Future

In 2016, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law giving more people the opportunity to invest in companies through equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding allows anyone over the age of 18 to invest in private companies for actual ownership. Prior to that, only the wealthiest were given the privilege to invest with few restrictions — excluding 96% of the population. Today, equity crowdfunding gives all of us the right to invest in companies for actual ownership and the opportunity to become part of their legacy.

“In the past, these truly ground floor investing opportunities were only available to the well-connected or the ‘qualified investor’. Equifund not only unlocks these previously unavailable opportunities to individual investors, it does so with modest entry-level commitments.” -Jordan Gillissie, Equifund founder and CEO

Our “Ah-Ha” Moment

When this law passed, we had an “ah-ha” moment. We realized that 200 million more people could now invest and that they would need help crossing that bridge. They would need to understand the risks and rewards of investing. They would need to find companies worthy of investment consideration. They would need easy-to-use technology to execute an investment.

Why We Created Equifund

This is why we created Equifund: an equity crowdfunding platform that delivers vetted, early-stage investment opportunities to anyone over the age of 18 — irrespective of their income or net worth.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to build their wealth by owning an early stake in a promising opportunity. This early access is the key to unlocking the growth potential in any investment.

Our platform delivers educational courses and allows prospective investors to discover innovative companies, review offering documents and execute an investment at the click of a button. In fact, every opportunity presented by our team is vetted with the same level of due diligence as major banks, venture capital firms and other financial institutions.

Companies can use our technology to raise money under multiple US exemptions: Reg D, Reg A+, Reg CF and Reg S.

“Our mission is two-fold: to give everyone an equal opportunity to invest early and to give companies alternatives to conventional financing.” -Equifund Team

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