Crowdfunding Platforms

Equifund gives you access to a wide range of vetted, investment opportunities.

You can buy shares in promising new companies across a wide range of industries, own a stake in a real estate development or lend capital to businesses looking to expand. We give you the opportunity to invest early because we know that’s when investors stand to gain the most. equifund: we’re changing the face of investing.

Equifund CFP

Become an early-stage investor. Be one of the first through the door to help a fledgling company with innovative ideas build, grow and become market-ready. Equifund CFP is registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a funding portal of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Become a real estate mogul. You don’t need thousands of dollars to own a piece of a hotel, hospital or office building. Equifund Realty gives you access to opportunities that would normally be out of reach, and that are outside your city or region. Our risk-assessment software gives each opportunity a clear rating so you know the risk profile of the investments you’re considering.

Equifund Ventures

Free to be a venture capitalist. Invest in companies at the same time the experts do and enjoy the same financial upside. Get behind market-proven companies that are ready to grow with Equifund Ventures, your venture capital investment platform.

Equifund Lending

It’s your turn to be the bank. If you’re looking for a dependable investment that will deliver steady, predictable returns, become a part of the Equifund lending community, pooling your funds with those of other lenders for payback at a guaranteed rate of interest.