Free Guide: How to Deposit Your Pre-IPO Shares

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If you’re here, you already know why you want to invest in Pre-IPO opportunities… 

It’s a chance to get your money in on the “ground floor” and set yourself up for the biggest potential gains.

However, most investors don’t realize one important thing about Pre-IPO shares:

Once the company goes public, your shares don’t magically appear inside your brokerage account. 

You – the investor – have to go through a non-trivial process of depositing your shares…

And sometimes, it’s not a easy, simple process.

That’s why we’ve put together this free report called How to Deposit Pre-IPO Shares Into Your Brokerage Account.

Inside, we’ll show you…

  • The 8 steps you MUST go through to cash in (and cash out) your Pre-IPO shares
  • The truth about the OTC stocks most investors don’t know (and why it could prevent you from depositing your shares), and…
  • A short list of brokers to consider contacting if yours won’t accept your shares

If you can’t get your Pre-IPO shares into your brokerage account, it could mean you miss out on any potential first-day “IPO-pop” you’ve heard so much about…

Or worse, not be able to sell out of your position at the price you want.

But don’t worry…

We’ll show you everything you need to know in this free, step-by-step report called How to Deposit Pre-IPO Shares Into Your Brokerage Account.

Yours for investing equality,

Jordan Gillissie

Jordan Gillissie – CEO

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